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Compensation Calculator

The information on this page must only be used as a guide. Personal Injury Compensation awards are complicated and the award can differ depending on the individual circumstances of the claim. Figures shown are inline with current judicial guidelines. Please remember, when looking at the figures, these are for the most serious of injuries.

Ankle £44,500

Arm £191,500

Back £108,000

Elbow £35,000

Eyes £172,500

Foot £128,500

Groin £15,400

Hand £129,000
Head/Brain £257,750

Knee £61,500

Leg £180,000

Neck (Whiplash) £95,000

Pelvis/Hips £83,500

Shoulder £30,750

Toes £36,000

Wrist £38,250

Specialty Expertise

Serious Injury
A Serious Injury or a Catastrophic Injury? Lives can suddenly be turned upside down.
Head & Brain Injury
We are very experienced in representing people who have sustained a traumatic Head Injury or Brain Injury as a result of an accident.
Spinal Injury
Claims for spinal injury or spinal cord injury are complex often involving difficult legal and medical issues.