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Serious Injury Compensation

If you or someone you know has sustained a serious injury or a catastrophic injury then you will realise how lives can suddenly be turned upside down. Brain injuries, head injuries, spinal injuries, spinal cord injuries, amputations or serious multiple injuries can change a person's life forever.

For the victim nothing will ever be the same again. For family and friends the shock and anguish can be equally traumatic leaving in its wake a tumult of grief, anger and a sense of helplessness.

At Claim Squad, we understand that serious injuries can have a devastating emotional and financial impact for the person injured and those close to them. We provide emotional support and clear thinking at a time of bewilderment and uncertainty for lives often changed beyond recognition. Our experience of handling serious injury claims has allowed us to build up an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience that is at the entire disposal of our clients.

It is important to recognise that you usually only have three years from the date of the accident to claim compensation for a military accident. You CAN and should claim against the Ministry of Defence whilst still in Service and we have reassurance that this will not affect your Armed Forces career.

When you talk to Claim Squad, immediate emotional and practical support will be offered, aimed at looking after all the parties involved in the military accident claim. Above all, however, we will seek to ensure that the injured person is well cared for, has a worthwhile future and receives a level of military accident compensation required to meet every lifetime need.

Traumatic injury and severe military accidents change lives forever. For the victim, nothing will be the same again; for the family and friends, the shock can be equally traumatic, leaving behind grief, anger and a sense of helplessness. At Claim Squad, we take a holistic approach to our services, providing long-term support which satisfies the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all those concerned.

Our serious injury solicitors are proud of their ability to offer practical help, answering urgent questions, helping the injured person obtain financial assistance (through the benefit system and/or through securing interim payments for housing, aids and equipment, therapy or prosthetics) and providing expert legal representation to obtain the maximum amount of compensation for the serious injury.

As your interests come first we will fight to ensure that the best outcome is achieved so that proper compensation is paid to cover your needs and your family's needs including the best possible specialist medical care, rehabilitation, enhanced mobility and the satisfaction of specialist requirements like purchasing a suitable new home and adapting it to meet your needs, therapy and transport. In other words our aim is to restore quality of life and to maximise independence and we will fight for you to achieve this.